Is dating harder for smart people

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They tend to analyse every minor subject, so they create bigger problems.

Overthinking can sometimes lead to endless fights in a relationship.

They can’t easily be fooled, but that’s exactly because they’re afraid of being fooled!

They are too careful when they pick a partner or even a friend and that’s why they end up being alone for long periods of time.

And yet there was only one other couple at our party – everyone else was single. When you truly are an 8 in looks, a 9 in intelligence, a 7 in career, an 8 in humor…

Alas, as Schwartz points out in his amazing book: maximizers are rarely happy.

To a certain point, rational thinking is beneficial, but it can sometimes go overboard.

Then, learn to discern your heart from your rational mind. Your inner voice may not always be clear, but it’s trying to tell you something. To start, you’ll need to temporarily drown out our rational thought processes and focus on the voice.

I think that has a great deal of merit and is probably even spot on.

If your partner truly loves you and respects you as well, then they will never try to control your life. When you think too much, there’s a possibility that you’ll start thinking bad things.

Sometimes intelligent people fill their minds with insecurities.

The previously mentioned characteristic of “thinking too much” is often combined with this one.

Perfectionists want their lives – and, as a matter of fact, their relationships – to be completely flawless.

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