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NSX Manager only accepts comma separator as DNS search strings.

In cross v Center NSX deployments, multiple versions of saved configurations get replicated to secondary NSX Managers Universal Sync saves multiple copies of universal configurations on secondary NSX Managers.

The list of saved configurations contains multiple drafts created by the synchronizing across NSX Managers with the same name and at the same time or with a time difference of 1 second.

In the following sample output, drafts 143 and 144 have the same name and were created at the same time and are therefore duplicates.

NOTE: If you are using external SSO, no change is necessary.

You can retain the same user name, for example [email protected], and v Center connectivity will not be lost.

To prevent this issue, modify firewall rules so that they do not refer to security groups before deleting the security groups.

Unable to power on guest virtual machine When you power on a guest virtual machine, the error due to host prep issue On an NSX-enabled ESXi host, the DVPort fails to enable with "Would block" due to a host preparation issue.

VMware ESXi 5.x and 6.x experiences a purple diagnostic screen when using IP discovery When using IP discovery on logical switches in VMware NSX for v Sphere 6.2.0, the ESXi 5.x and 6.x host fails with a purple diagnostic screen. UI allows creation of in/out NSX firewall rules that cannot be applied to Edges The web client incorrectly allows creation of an NSX firewall rule applied to one or more NSX Edges when the rule has traffic travelling in the 'in' or 'out' direction and when Packet Type is IPV4 or IPV6.NSX Manager certificate replacement requires restart of NSX Manager and may require restart of v Sphere Web Client After you replace the NSX Manager appliance certificate, you must always restart the NSX Manager appliance.In certain cases after a certificate replacement, the v Sphere web client will not display the "Networking and Security" tab. After v Center upgrade, v Center might lose connectivity with NSX If you are using v Center embedded SSO and you are upgrading v Center 5.5 to v Center 6.0, v Center might lose connectivity with NSX.Guest Introspection and Network Introspection based features in NSX are compatible with specific VMware Tools (VMTools) versions.To enable the optional NSX Network Introspection Driver component packaged with VMware Tools, upgrade VMware Tools to the following versions: Prior to NSX 6.2.0, there was a single URL on NSX Manager from which VIBs for a certain version of the ESX Host could be found.

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