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Due to their real commitment, they both made some excellent shifts together and in no time, I began to see them smiling together again. Basically, I use that to elicit people’s EXACT love strategies by defining what exactly needs to happen in order for each of them to feel loved?

At that point, I wanted to set them up for future success by teaching them exactly HOW to make one another feel more loved, understood and appreciated than ever before. The key is in focusing on the top 3 needs of each partner and making sure those needs not only get met, but also exceeded as a way to bring back the relationship from the edge.

Once the trust had been damaged, it was going to take a concerted effort to get it back. A Surprising Revelation As I went through the husband’s Hierarchy with him, I discovered that his preference was Unselfish Service first, Kind Words second and Human Touch third.

Plus they needed to know exactly how to create win/win scenarios over and over again that were highly valued, not just mildly noticed. When I asked his wife, she said her preference was first and foremost Human Touch…and as she said it, the look of shock on her husband’s face was unbelievable.

Learning How to Win the Game In order to teach them both what one another needed in order to feel loved, I taught them both about my H. When I asked why, he said he was stunned because for 29 years, his experience was that she either flinched or stiffened when he touched her so he did everything he could to NOT cause that reaction.

As a Neurostrategist and Coach who is known for getting results with a variety of techniques that enable rapid transformational change, Dave has used his extensive training and life’s experience to focus on helping people navigate the uncertainties of their most intimate relationships.

Unfortunately, he made a few mistakes because he didn’t know better and was in over his head when it came to fixing them.

Luckily I was able to quickly get them back on the same page again and they are now doing beautifully.

Together, Dave & Katrina teach others to create their own Legendary Loves for Life by giving them the awareness and the tools that transform lives.

In 2015, Dave released his first book, "The Catch Your Match Formula™," in order to help online dating site users craft the kind of exceptional dating profile that gets results.

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